The BETTER way to build apps & custom integrations.

Have you ever wondered why building a custom app for ManyChat feels so cumbersome and manual?

We see it all the time — especially from passionate developers who know it’s important to build their own custom apps for the platforms that they love, but who are frankly tired of the manual steps it takes to get there- and tired of spinning their wheels when something doesn't work as planned.

“I spent over 4 hours trying to figure out why my app wouldn't work. In the end it turned out to be a typo. I wish there was a typo-free way to write this JSON!”

“I wanted to reorder the sequence of form fields in my app. It was painful copy-pasting the JSON sections around, all the while trying to ensure I hadn't missed out on a little comma that would break it all.”

“I've always wanted to bring my idea to the app store but thought the process was overly time consuming and downright overwhelming- and so it just hasn't happened yet."

If any of these sound like you, you're in the right place.


The ONLY Visual App Builder For ManyChat

That Makes It A Breeze To Build PowerfulApps Quickly & Easily

The BETTER, FASTER way to build custom apps for ManyChat.

If you have been dreaming about releasing your first (or next) app to the ManyChat app store but have run out of time, patience or the will to actually get it out there, the app builder is the missing piece that you've been waiting for!

With its visual app building interface, you now have the power to:

✅ Build an app from scratch without actually writing a single line of code

✅ Make quick changes to your app without the fear of breaking anything

✅ Help you build apps in half the time that it normally takes to build one

✅ Save yourself the $$$ that you would normally pay to hire a developer

✅ Set up payment gateways for your apps quickly, easily and securely

Rupert Samuel, Owner & Founder at ManyApps

"An amazing and simple way for you to start to make your first app for ManyChat. I save a lot of time and also don't need to worry about double checking my work. If you are looking to integrate a 3rd party software to your ManyChat account I would start here."

Ready to check out the app builder and build your first app the easy way? View this page on a desktop to get access!

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